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Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine & Herbs

Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM) has been used in China for thousands of years. An extension of the same Chinese medicine used to treat people, veterinary medicine focuses on identifying imbalances in the body of your pet and prescribing a personalized treatment strategy.

Chinese medicine diagnoses rely on identifying underlying “patterns of disharmony”, which change depending on the unique build and body of your pet. Because of this, two animals may have the same Western medicine diagnosis but require very different Chinese medicine treatment strategies.


Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) is a major branch of Chinese medicine, dating back at least 4000 years. In CHM, medicinal herbs are used to correct the imbalance that underlies a disease's pattern, which promotes the body’s ability to heal itself. Chinese herbal medicine is enerally safe and effective when prescribed correctly, and may be used as the primary medical treatment, or as an additional therapy to Western medicine to enhance clinical results.

Pet health conditions that may benefit from traditional Chinese herbal medicine treatment include the following:

CHM can also serve as effective cancer therapy, either as primary treatment or combined with Western chemotherapy.

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