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I first met Dr. Holling in 2006. At the time, we had 4 cats, three elderly and one "middle aged".  Later that year, we had the privilege of having our first dog, a Border Collie, join our family.  During our 4 years in the Cowichan Valley, Dr. Holling provided superb medical attention to our feline friends - Liam, Oliver, Cayane and Hattie.  She advised and directed us with regards to the raw diet we were feeding Kyro - doing research on concerns over his low functioning pancreas.  She has seen us through feline diabetes, thyroid and colon problems to name just a few. She was there when Oliver had a stroke and helped us make that difficult decision and she was there when there was no hope left for Cayane.  She is a compassionate, caring doctor who goes above and beyond - and I do mean "above and beyond".  In 2010 we left the Valley and returned to the Victoria area where Dr. Holling continued to make house calls for us and monitor Liam's health.  In June of 2013, she came to our home in North Saanich where we said goodbye to our Liam after 21 wonderful years.  I am so deeply grateful that he was able to have a peaceful death in my arms in his own home surrounded by his people. Not only is she a competent and assured veterinarian but has a heart of gold, an amazing spirit and a deep and obvious love for animals.  I can not recommend her highly enough.

- Savannah Featherstone & Richard Kruger

Since moving the Cowichan Valley 6 years ago, we have discovered many great local businesses and services.  None has been more appreciated than Dr. Nancy Holling and Sitka Veterinary!

The practice of treating our pets in our home was absolutely life-saving when our 18 year old cat showed symptoms of a stroke/clot.  Dr. Holling’s treatment and follow up care, and particularly avoiding the stress of a car ride and clinic visit allowed the cat to recover almost fully and gave us another two and a half years of quality time with her.

In the end, she suffered another stroke, and at the age of 21, it was time to do the caring thing and let her go.  While the most difficult thing a pet owner has to do, it made a world of difference that we were able to do this at home, in a peaceful setting, with Dr. Holling’s amazing manner.  Compare that with the sad trip to a clinic, an unfamiliar environment for your pet in pain, and then the drive home afterwards rather than a quick retreat within your own sanctuary.

Not only is Dr. Holling amazing with animals, but she is equally adept with people too.  While home veterinary care may seem extravagant or expensive, in our experience it was neither of those.  Factoring in the time and stress of trips to a clinic and the affect on the pets, I would encourage any owner of an anxious or nervous pet, or multiple pets, to experience what a difference Dr. Holling can make.

- Paul Rechner - Shawnigan Lake

Dr. Holling has provided our animals with exceptional veterinary care for several years now. She is a caring and compassionate individual who is truly dedicated to the health and well-being of animals. Having her mobile veterinary services allowed our animals to be cared for in their own home.

Doing so reduced their stress level when compared to office visits filled with unfamiliar animals and smells. Dr. Holling also worked closely with us when our elderly dog Akuma became ill, I cannot express how thankful we were that she was able to come to our home when we needed her. Sadly, after several months of palliative care we had to put Akuma to sleep in February 2013. Akuma passed away peacefully in his own home surrounded by those who loved him, if it was not for Dr. Holling this would not have been possible and for that we are forever grateful. Dr. Holling is truly an amazing veterinarian and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

- Bob & Judy Logue

A few years ago a friend took our very large Great Dane/Lab Cross, Roman, for a ride in the box of his truck. Unfortunately Roman was not tied in and so naturally he jumped out at the first thing that piqued his interest. This resulted in nerve damage to Romans spine, causing him chronic pain and severe constipation. Roman has always been an active dog, going for long walks daily, swimming in the river and chasing his ball. However, due to the injuries to his spine, he was no longer able to be active and began spending most of his day laying uncomfortably on his bed, yelping whenever he had to move. Despite eating lots of high fiber pumpkin, Romans’ abdomen became hugely swollen and bloated as he was having great difficulty relieving himself.  We did not realize the gravity of the situation until an X-ray revealed that he was in danger of becoming toxic and was given an emergency enema. At Dr. Hollings recommendation, we began traditional Chinese acupuncture therapy, which is done in conjunction with Chinese Herbs. We noticed an immediate positive effect following the first treatment. Roman had more energy and seemed to have less pain. Over the next few months the combination of Acupuncture and Herbs had astounding results, not only was Roman free of pain and bloating, his overwhelming happiness became apparent to all who know him. Today as an eleven year old, Roman remains on a preventative regime of daily Chinese herbs with acupuncture every six weeks. We are back to our daily walks and jogs, playing ball and swimming. In short, we have our best friend back!

- Robert and Anna Pattenden

My dog Amber was exhibiting several rather strange and unusual symptoms including trembling in her legs; spasms in her hind end; heat in different parts of her body; inability to use one or both of her front legs; lameness; lethargy and seeming deafness or inability to comprehend.  All of her symptoms would come and go with no apparent pattern.  After examining Amber from a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) perspective, Nancy Holling of Sitka Vet prescribed three different herbs; one for tremors, one for pain and one to boost her immune system.  The results have been dramatic and impressive.  The trembling and shaking of her limbs and the spasms in her hind end have all but disappeared.  There have been no incidences of lameness, her energy level has improved so much that she can now maintain an exercise program that keeps us both in shape -  and her deafness/inability to comprehend has not resurfaced at all!  Acupuncture once a month is helping maintain her at a level where she is continuing to improve. Thank you Nancy for helping Amber so much!

- Jan Matthews

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